Psychological & Brain Sciences Mini-Con 2022 Agenda.

Day 1: May 26, 2022, 9:00am - 2:00pm

Time Speaker Description
9:00am Shelly Gable, Department Chair Opening Remarks
9:20am Lexie Kunz How is it Used? Understanding GPS Use and its Relation to Spatial Ability
9:40am Fangzheng Zhao Implementing Emotional Design with Cartoon Lessons
10:00am Bailey Immel Children’s Use of Food to Understand Nationality
10:20am Elle Murata Impact of Endocrine Age on Working Memory Circuitry

   Break: 10:45am

Time Speaker Description
12:15pm Henri Etel Skinner Probing the Failures of Sustained Attention via Reward
12:35pm Selin Bekir Hemispheric Asymmetry
12:55pm Luna Li Strategic and Implicitly Reinforced Criterion Shifting in Recognition Memory: An Individual Differences Perspective
1:15pm Dylan Benkley Cognitive Specializations for Collaboration: Cues of a Shared Goal and Coordination Elicit Equitable Sharing Decisions
1:45pm Sophie Peterson & Shravan Murlidaran Closing Remarks

Day 2: May 27, 2022, 9:00am - 4:30pm

Time Speaker Description
9:00am Tod Kippin, Department Co-Chair Opening Remarks
9:20am Hannah Grotzinger Dynamic Neuroendocrine Modulation of the Nervous System
9:40am Madhuri Kashyap Social Expectations as a Source of Negative Emotions
10:00am Nicole Emmons Electrical Aptamer-Based Sensors for the Monitoring of Chemotherapeutics in Peripheral and Central Tissues
10:20am Goirik Gupta Hormonal and Cycle Phase Predictors of Within-Women Shifts in Self-Perceived Attractiveness: Tests of Alternative Functional Models

 Break: 10:45am

Time Speaker Description
11:00am Skirmantas Janusonis, Heejung Kim, David Sherman, & Tod Kippin Awards

   Break: 11:30am

Time Speaker Description
1:00pm Carly Chak Perturbing representations in working memory with reward
1:20pm Jiayi Wang Relational Concern: A factor that predicts people's preference for social support from pets
1:40pm Fernando Cano Towards an understanding of the neurobiology of incubated craving
2:00pm Liz Quinn-Jensen Attributions of Bisexual Discrimination: A Prototype Model Perspective

 Break: 2:30pm

Time Speaker Description
2:45pm Byron Johnson The Effect of a Simulated Scotoma on Rapid Scene Understanding
3:05pm Shreya Sodhi Considering Immigration Disrupts Children's Essentialist Beliefs about National Identity
3:25pm Tikal Catena Do changes in testosterone regulate sexual desire? Evidence from daily within-subject sampling
3:45pm Mengsi Li Temporal Memory, Emotional Bias, & Wellbeing
4:15pm Sophie Peterson & Shravan Murlidaran Closing Remarks