Psychological & Brain Sciences Mini-Con 2022 Graduate Student Awards.

Richard E. Mayer Award for Outstanding Research Contribution

Congratulations to Hannah Grotzinger for receiving the Richard E. Mayer Award!

The Richard E. Mayer Award recognizes the second-year psychology graduate student who presents the best research paper at the Psychological & Brain Sciences Mini-Convention. The Graduate Affairs Committee receives nominations from all four areas and selects one student from the department whose research paper demonstrates outstanding contributions to the field.


Harry J. Carlisle Memorial Award for Neuroscience and Behavior

Congratulations to Kasie Mays for receiving the Harry J. Carlisle Award!

The Harry J. Carlisle Award was established to recognize the important contributes of Professor Harry Carlisle, a long-time faculty member in Psychology. This award recognizes an advanced graduate student in the Neuroscience and Behavior Area for their sound scholarship, strong research record, and a concern for others and the functioning of the N&B area.


Charles G. McClintock Graduate Fellowship in Social Psychology

Congratulations to Payton Small for receiving the Charles G. McClintock Award!

The Charles G. McClintock Award is a tribute to Charles (Chuck) G. McClintock, the first social psychologist at UCSB. This fund recognizes his contributions to social psychology, the UCSB graduate program in social psychology, and all those who benefited from knowing him. This fellowship recognizes an advanced graduate student in the Social Psychology Area for their outstanding scholarship.


Abdullah (Al) and Marjorie R. Nasser Graduate Student Memorial Scholarship

Congratulations to Kasie Mays, Elle Murata, Vinnie Wu & Katy Walter for receiving the Abdullah (Al) and Marjorie R. Nasser Award!

An award given to senior PhD students in Psychological & Brain Sciences. Scholarship recipients are selected for having a strong scholarly record and contributing to the broader PBS and more generally UCSB community.